Baby Pictures

Isaiah on the left, Julian on the right

Our little bundles of joy are already 2 weeks old! On St. Patrick’s Day, the day our sons were scheduled to arrive, we had an AMAZING photo shoot with Jessica Claire (Here’s her amazing site) She is the same photographer that took pictures of us when I was 33 weeks pregnant. We had a great time at the shoot, the boys cooperated pretty well. We fed them hoping they’d fall asleep soon after eating. However, Isaiah fought sleep for quite awhile but Julian seemed to relax a little more quickly. Jessica was able to mold him and get some extremely cute pics until Isaiah fell asleep. We had to quick get pictures of the two of them together while they were both asleep at the same time-I can’t wait to see all of the pictures. We only had one little mishap at the very end, involving Daddy getting peed on, Mommy getting pooped on, and then Daddy getting projectile pooped on LOL! We decided that was a good time to quit 🙂 Below is the sneak peek we got of the shoot-I can’t wait to share the rest with you all!

Much Love 🙂



Well, by now I think most of you know the boys were born last Wednesday when I was 36 weeks. I was feeling a lot of contractions that were a little stronger than usual on Wednesday night. I was very reluctant to call in because I had so many false alarms, however I knew at that at 36 weeks these contractions could very well be the REAL THING. We got to the hospital a little after 7 and were immediately informed they were about 1-2 minutes apart, I was 70% effaced and 1cm dilated. The doctor on call, Dr. May, was awesome. I’d seen him on one occasion before when my OB was at a surgery so I was very happy the doctor on call was one who already knew about me and was someone I was comfortable with. He informed me that because we were at 36 weeks, he had a hard time believing the contractions I was having weren’t the “real thing” (meaning real labor instead of all of the false alarms we’d had before). Soon after, another doctor came in and did an ultrasound. They were looking to see if baby B, (Isaiah) was still breech and sure enough, he was. Because he was breech, there would be an increased risk during a vaginal delivery. Dr. May told me it was in our best interest to have a c-section. There was one woman in the bed across from me who would be first, as she was in advanced stages of labor and her c-section was more urgent than mine so it would be about 1 1/2 hrs until we’d be in surgery.

So many emotions ran over me at that moment, I was going to be a mommy! In an hour and a half! I was balling…out of both excitement and fear. I’ve never had any sort of surgery in my life and although c-sections are pretty common practice, who knows how my body would react. When the anistesiologist came in to consult with me while I was being prepped for surgery, my biggest concern wasn’t of all the horrible things that could happen that he listed off, but the fact that I’d eaten 4 hrs before and the anestesia could make me throw up. LOL! I was also wondering when I’d get to eat! I had no idea that after my surgery I’d have no appetite for a couple days.

Thankfully, Chikezie was able to help calm me down a little before surgery. I walked down to the OR and had originally thought Chikezie would have to wait outside until I was fully prepped but they let him hold my hand during the spinal. The spinal did hurt and I did flinch a little the first time. They had to re-do it because I moved so I stayed extra still the second time. Chikezie held my hand the entire time and as soon as I was numb, they didn’t waste any time getting to work. I felt lots of pressure and my body was moving so I knew they were doing something. The pressure kind of freaked me out a little and Chikezie could tell I was nervous-so he started humming a song to me 🙂 I have the most amazing man. We hummed to each other until Dr. May told me he was going to break the water for Baby A-and seconds later they lifted Julian above the curtain so I could see him-arms stretched out wide, mouth open and screaming. Isaiah was born shortly after…screaming as well. Hearing your babies scream is something completely undescribable and amazing. I was crying immediately, obviously. Chikezie walked over to take a couple pictures of them, Julian was quieting down but as usual-Isaiah was the one making a commotion; screaming at every touch.

Chikezie came to sit by me again for a few minutes, sitting straight up and alert, watching everything they were doing to the boys. At that moment he turned into Daddy. They brought Julian over for Chikezie to hold, and watching my husband hold his first born son for the first time made me sob uncontrolably. That is one moment in life that will forever make me cry (like I am right now typing this!). I got to kiss Julian and then Isaiah said hi before they were taken to the recovery room, followed by Chikezie.

The boys were completely healthy and in great condition for babies born at 36 weeks. I am so, so, SO happy. Being a mother is the most amazing responsibility and the best feeling. The bond between the boys and me is one I can hardly explain but any mother would know. Chikezie and I are so head over heels in love with these little miracles.

So without further adu, the new additions to our little family:

Julian Tochi James. Born at 11:07 pm on March 3, 2010. He weighed 5lbs 10 oz and was 18 1/2 in long.

Isaiah Chidi Hamilton. Born at 11:08 pm March 3, 2010. He weighed 6lbs 5oz and was 19 in long.

Welcome to the world, baby boys. There is so much love waiting for you.

Co-Sleeper Arrives!

FINALLY our babies will have somewhere to sleep when they come home. I feel like we’re ready now. We ordered an Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper. A lot of people are new to the concept of co-sleeping or aren’t really sure what a co-sleeper is. Below are pics of what ours looks like:

The Co-sleeper goes right up next to our bed and will support 30 lbs. This means I can keep the boys in there until they either start bothering each other in the middle of the night or until they’re 15 lbs each. Then the bassinet drops down and it will turn into a play area for them. Some of you may be wondering why you’d want to have the babies so close to you at night, for more than just a couple of weeks after birth. From the Arm’s Reach website, here is some information I found on why co-sleeping is beneficial:

” “Besides enhancing bonding between parents and their baby, the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper® provides night-time security that benefits a growing baby’s emotional development,” says Doctor William Sears, Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine and author of over one dozen guides including The Baby Book. “Sleeping within arm’s reach makes night feedings easier. It is also contemporary. Sleeping close to their infant allows parents to make up for missed touch time during the day and to reconnect with their baby at night.”

Doctor James J. McKenna, Ph.D. Professor of Biological Anthropology and Director of the Mother-Baby Sleep Laboratory University of Notre Dame, agrees. “I believe that [Arm’s Reach has] created an important way of making it possible for babies to receive the kind of nighttime care we all take for granted as being needed for babies during the night.”

Regardless of the medical benefits, simply having your baby close can provide a sense of comfort and closeness to both parents and baby. With busy schedules and lives connecting with our children on a daily basis can be difficult. The Arm’s Reach line of products greatly eases the emotional and physical burdens of child care by bringing you closer together… not to mention keep your feet warm on cold winter nights when you don’t have to walk down the hall to reassure a crying baby!


  • A better start in life for mother and baby. Early bonding makes for a secure beginning.
  • Mother can breastfeed during the night without getting up, thus meeting needs of both mother and baby.
  • If the child(ren) is/are restless, the mother can simply reach over and comfort them. Research confirms benefits of a quick response to a baby’s needs.
  • Mother can enjoy more rest because she can reach her baby from her bed.
  • From the first day home mother and baby are able to bond and this bond carries through for the rest of their lives.

I’m so excited to have 2 babies to put in this co-sleeper in only a few weeks or less!

A baby shower!

Last weekend some Oakley friends threw a surprise baby shower for us! Chikezie did a very good job at keeping it a secret (if you know my husband, you know he’s horrible at keeping surprises!) He told me the day before we were going to a birthday party and I was very adamant on making sure we didn’t forget to pick up a birthday card. Well, Saturday morning he surprised me and told me we’d be going to a baby shower!

I’d like to thank everyone for coming-to be honest we could have just had a get-together, no gifts involved, and I would have been happy! These days, just being around people and being able to socialize is a gift for me. I was just really excited I would get to see all of my new California pals again before the boys are born. However, it was a shower and people did bring gifts so I want to thank everyone for those as well! (And a thank you to all our friends and family at home who’ve sent us “virtual baby shower” gifts over the past few months. I’m working on getting all official thank you’s out in the mail so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, it’s coming!

Here are a couple of pictures Chikezie’s friend Chris took at the shower 🙂 Thank you Chris!!

Random Thought…

I just thought about being able to work out a couple months from now and got butterflies.

Then I thought about wearing all of my normal clothes and got more butterflies.

It’s amazing how the little things like working out and wearing your old clothes can seem like such a treat and a great adventure after months of having to do without!

Here are pics from way back in the summer of 2008 when Chikezie and I started running together. We were so proud after running our first 8k! He stayed with me the whole time and sacrificed his time to help motivate me. Don’t worry though, the next race I let him run wild and he ended up with one of the top times 🙂

Behind the Scenes

Here are a couple pictures delving into our lives behind the belly 🙂

The View.

This is what my night looks like from my position laying on the couch. Water? Check. Remote? Check. Tums? Check. Pony tail holders? Check.

the rest of the view

When I turn slightly to my left, here is the rest of my view from laying on the couch. My amazing husband-working hard on his computer (and watching the Olympics with me.

And finally-the main man behind the scenes:

my man

Here is Chikezie, my best friend and wonderful husband. He learned quickly to bring entertainment with him as we sit in the Labor and Delivery ward of the hospital. He’s been so patient with all our hospital visits and with my crazy demands of pregnancy. He has been a strong but silent rock for me who is always here at just the right time. I know I’ve been a pain in the you-know-what over the past 8 months but he has withstood my storm like a champ. I know so many women out there who aren’t blessed with someone to support them throughout their pregnancy and I literally have no idea what I would do without him.

Let’s give this daddy a standing ovation-he deserves the world for everything he does 🙂

keep on truckin’

I’m HUGE! Actually, I’ve been getting a lot of comments that I don’t look that big for having twins, although I’m not sure what people are thinking I should look like.  I’m 34 weeks today and we’re slowly getting more and more ready for these little men to enter the world. We have most of the things we’ll need for them right when they’re born, and that’s a good feeling.

My hospital bag is all packed and we actually got to put it to use last Friday. We had yet another trip to L & D, as my contractions were coming every 7-8 minutes. They gave me a shot to stop contractions and like last time, everything slowed down and they let me go home after a couple hours.  The nurse working to get fetal monitors on my belly commented on how active the boys were. We spent SO MUCH TIME trying to get both heart rates at the same time for more than a minute. She would get one monitor on and as soon as she found the heartbeat of the other boy, the first one would move and mess everything up! She said in all her years of nursing, she’d never had such a hard time getting 2 heartbeats or seen twins be so active! That’s right folks, they’re already going non stop lol! I have a feeling our house is going to be VERY, very busy.

After my trip to labor and delivery, I’ve been officially put on bed rest. It’s been a little difficult to follow, as there are many things around the apartment that I look at all day that I want to do! I try to keep it limited to only one thing a day though, just to get me moving a little. Laying on a couch is hard work. (All you people who are jealous, really shouldn’t be) After a certain amount of time, your muscles and joints start getting really sore. It’s extremely hard to get up and down. And there are hundreds of things you think of doing, that are right in front of you, that you can’t do. Everyone is telling me to enjoy this time of rest. Are you kidding! REST? I don’t get much rest. I’m not comfortable enough to rest! Everyone says to enjoy this now because we’ll be tired and working nonstop once the kids are born. To be honest, I’d rather have my body back and my mobility back…and be tired, than be laying here all day trapped in my body! I’ll take being tired and productive over being tired and unable to move!

As each week passes, I feel we’ve met another milestone, as each day I can grow these boys is a few less days they’ll need to spend in the hospital when they’re born. This pregnancy has by far been one of the most physically and mentally challenging feats I’ve ever taken on. I know it seems to some that being at home every day would be quite the life but when your body is doing the amazing task that mine is, it is not easy at all.

With that, I’ll leave you with a picture of the ever expanding baby house:

34 weeks-Yikes!